A Great Lesson
Shang Tsung
Episode of Mortal Kombat - Season 1
Number in Season Episode 3
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"A Great Lesson" is the third episode of all the Mortal Kombat series.


Part 1Edit

After the sudden death of Shang Yun, his brother - Shang Tsung promises that he will not rest until the "Snake" will die. At this his father also helps him. Shang Hui teachs him the Dragon fighting style. But Shang Tsung learns Jun Fan and Ninjitsu too. Master Bo Rai Cho worries about his anger and tries to relax him.

Shang Tsung learns everything about Mortal Kombat tournament. Shang Hui tells him about the 1st tournament of 50 years ago. There a great samurai - Kenji would represent Earthrealm, but before the tournament he disappeared mysteriously. He reveals that he also fought, but failed. The ruler of the tournament - called "Snake" defeated him, but spared his life. The snake was using the sword, called the Dragon Sword and the fighting style, called Snake. Then Shang Hui shows the Dragon Sword that he made himself to one day teach Shang Tsung for fighting the son of the "Snake".

Part 2Edit

Then Shang Tsung and Takeda tries to rest in the forest. Suddenly the black ninjas attack them. They fight and win easily and after the battle Takeda realizes that these ninjas belong to his own clan - the Lin Kuei. He becomes angry and Shang Tsung understands that the Lin Kuei Grandmaster must be the "Snake". They have to go to the North to find the Grandmaster. Takeda reveals that he has never seen him. They get permission and go to the North.

After the weeks they reach the Lin Kuei temple. Looks like there is nobody in the temple. Then they go to a town and try to get information. An arctic monk tells that they have left the temple and gone to the South. Now Shang Tsung and Takeda have to return back. But on the way they get attacked by the Lin Kuei ninjas. They can't fight in the snow and get arrested.

Part 3Edit

After Shang Tsung awakes he finds out that the Grandmaster talks to him. He is a blue weared ninja and his body is icy. Shang Tsung asks what happened to Takeda. The Grandmaster reveals that he is not the "Snake" and Takeda has been taken to the real "Snake". Then Shang Tsung gets angry and frees himself. The ninjas attack him, but fail. Shang Tsung fights the Grandmaster. He freezes Shang Tsung's hands and orders to join the "Snake". Shang Tsung becomes really angry and releases his full potential. His icy hands get hotter and hotter, then his hands become freed. Also his feet become hot and begin to smash the ice in the cave. All of them run out and the cave crashes. When Shang Tsung looks behind he finds nobody around him.