Flaming Rage
Shang Tsung
Episode of Mortal Kombat - Season 1
Number in Season Episode 5
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"Flaming Rage" is the fifth epsiode of all Mortal Kombat series.


Part 1Edit

As the days pass, the warriors who will help Shang Tsung to defend Earthrealm by defeating the Outworld fighters disappear mysteriously. Shang Tsung feels very ready for the tournament, but he still wants to learn more. He has nearly become master at Jun Fan and Dragon fighting styles, now he is interested in Ninjutsu. Shang tries to remember Takeda's teachings and train with them.

His father - Shang Hui tells him that a real master must be informed of every fighting style, every weapon. He decides to teach Shang Tsung the way to use the Dragon Sword. But it is too hard, even for Shang Tsung. But he doesn't give up and try hard to learn it even at night. While he is training, a ninja assassin, unlike any other enters his house and attacks Shang Tsung.

Part 2Edit

Shang Tsung fights well against the assassin, but it is not enough to overcome him. The ninja is using not only a sword, but also the kunai. They carries their fight to the outside. It rains, but it doesn't stop the yellow assassin. He takes Shang Tsung's sword by his kunai and uses both swords to defeat him. Shang Tsung he cannot defeat this ninja with Dragon style and begins to use Ninjutsu. He learns tactics every time the ninja attacks and use them against him.

The fight takes too long. And neither of them loses. Shang Tsung begins to get angry and he easily creates a hot air among his hands and shoots it to the ninja, but surprisingly the ninja is not effected by the flame, instead he begins to burn and shoots fireball to Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung controls the fire and sends it back to the ninja. The ninja disappears and reappears behind Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung senses and beats him. The ninja falls down. Shang Tsung takes his mask away and sees that the ninja is indeed Takeda himself

Part 3Edit

Shang Tsung asks Takeda why he is doing this. Takeda answers that, Takeda is no more, I'm Scorpion! Then they fight again. Shang Tsung understands that "Snake" has done something to him and gets angry. He gets the Dragon Sword and burns it with his fire. Scorpion's sword can't stop the Dragon sword. Then Scorpion begins to escape, Shang Tsung wants to follow him and find the "Snake". But he loses Scorpion.