God Among Us
Shang Tsung
Episode of Mortal Kombat - Season 1
Number in Season Episode 4
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"God Among Us" is the fourth episode of all Mortal Kombat series.


Part 1Edit

There are a few days to the tournament and master Bo Rai Cho makes his last lessons to Shang Tsung. After the loss of Takeda, Shang Tsung is now more angrier. Master Bo Rai Cho is worried about his anger and he tries to make him silent, but he doesn't know that Shang Tsung can release the deadly "Dragon Flame". He decides to call the God of Thunder - called "Raiden".

He and Shang Tsung goes to the Sky Temple in the south and call Raiden. At this time the thunder comes and it rains. Then a man comes. His eyes and hair are white. He is Raiden. Bo Rai Cho bows to him and wants him to show Shang Tsung the right way. Raiden looks at Shang Tsung and tells Bo Rai Cho to draw him from the tournament. Shang Tsung refuses and asks to fight in the tournament. Bo Rai Cho offers a test for Shang Tsung.

Part 2Edit

Raiden accepts the offer and reveals the test. Shang Tsung must go inside the temple, defeat Raiden's guardians, pass the traps and bring Raiden's godly amulet to him. Master Bo Rai Cho wants him to be careful and use all the training he has learned. Shang Tsung gets inside the temple. There are some stone guardians. Suddenly their eyes became light and the guardians are revived. They attack Shang Tsung with their lighting swords. Shang Tsung sees that he can't defeat them with Jun Fan and he uses the Dragon. But it is not enough to win the fight. The guardians are nearly undefeatable.

Shang Tsung leaves them behind and runs towards the amulet, suddenly the walls reveal to be electric. The electric strikes Shang Tsung and he begins to cry. Even the guardians attack him. Shang Tsung releases his "Dragon Flame" again and destroys the guardians and even the walls. He takes the amulet and gets out.

Part 3Edit

When Shang Tsung gets out, master Bo Rai Cho gets happy. Shang Tsung gives the amulet to Raiden. But Raiden doesn't confuse. He asks Shang Tsung that how he defeated the guardians. Because the only way to defeat them is to use the amulet, but Raiden sees that the amulet has not been used. Shang Tsung tells that the guardians fell into the trap and both the guardians and the trap crashed. Raiden accepts the result and allow Shang Tsung to represent Earthrealm in the toournament. But he still feels the growing darkness in Shang Tsung's soul.