Test Your Power
Shang Tsung
Episode of Mortal Kombat - Season 1
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"Test Your Power" is the first episode of all Mortal Kombat series.


Part 1Edit

The story begins in Middle Ages China where the shaolin warriors are being trained to be a great shaolin monk. One of the big masters - Bo Rai Cho makes the first test to choose the greatest among his apprentices. The fighters had to stand up while he tries to get them down. He does it with his jojutsu. Every apprentice, that he touches, fall and only a few of them could stand. One of them is called Shang Tsung the son of the old kung fu master - Shang Hui.

Then Bo Rai Cho makes a second test to find the cleverest one. The fighters have to try to climb the top of the tree first and raise the flag on it. So the race begins and all them try to beat themselves and climb first. Shang Tsung was the fastest and he jumpes on the tree at once. Then he begins to kick every fighter that tries to stop him. So Shang Tsung could climb to the top and raised the flag.

Part 2Edit

Master Bo Rai Cho makes another competition to test their anger. Every apprentice has to stand straight and musn't move before master allowes him. But while one of them stands the others tries to make him angry. Many of them can't control the anger. Only some of them can pass and Shang Tsung was among them.

Now the winners have only one test against each other - to fight. They battle against each other. Shang Tsung knows the Jun Fan fighting style very well. He is really a great warrior that can use many secret attacks very fast. So the others are not so hard for him. At last he defeats everyone and became the winner.

But Bo Rai Cho tells that he has one test left - to make Bo Rai Cho fall!

Part 3Edit

Shang Tsung knows that it will be hard to make his master fall, because Bo Rai Cho is so fat and has a big experience about standing in battle. Shang Tsung does everything to make him fall, but failed. Bo Rai Cho doesn't even move. Then Bo Rai Cho smiles to his face, this reminds Shang Tsung his master's word - a big fighter is not the strongest, but the cleverest. Shang Tsung understands that he must change this to his advantage. Then he decides to tickle his master. At last Bo Rai Cho begins to move and laugh, then he fall.

So Shang Tsung is chosen as the greatest shaolin monk. Bo Rai Cho congratulates him and tells about the Mortal Kombat tournament and Shang Tsung's role in this war. He has to represent Earthrealm against the outworld fighters. Now Bo Rai Cho will teach him the secrets of the fighting style - Jun Fan to be more experienced in the tournament.